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Where to Begin?

Hobbes with a Scarf  When I first decided to take on this project I didn't consider some of the problems I would encounter. Firstly, when I told my fiancé that I wanted to make him a Hobbes doll to replace the one he lost he was ecstatic. Then I realized by how he was going on about it I had to really try and make the doll look like Hobbes in the comic. At this point I also realized my mistake of wanting to make Hobbes look like what Calvin sees. My fiancé insisted "imaginary Hobbes is up to the person." The biggest problem with this being that in virtually every strip Hobbes is alone with Calvin. We don't often see him portrayed as the stuffed animal. Secondly The few pictures we see of stuffed Hobbes aren't necessarily the best for making a pattern from. So doing my best with a small avatar of Hobbes I found online I started off drawing a front and back picture of him.

Drawing Hobbes

Hobbes DrawingI'm certainly not the best artist in the world so I decided to try my luck on the computer. I figured Hobbes is pretty simple shaped and Microsoft Paint has all those simple shapes. First I took the tiny picture of Hobbes I had and blew it up. Then using the line tool I took measurements of Hobbes different parts (Head, Torso, Arms, Legs, width of his stripes, etc). Doing this is figured out his arms and legs are pretty close to the same size. So that would make the patterns for all of them the same. Also in the picture I had Hobbes feet are orange instead of white. But if you look at other pictures this isn't the case. I'm not sure if this is because Bill Watterson changed his design or its just a mistake. But I checked with my customer and he told me to just make them white.
  After getting the proportions of Hobbes drawing him in Paint was pretty easy. I'm glad I decided to draw him in Paint before making the pattern because in the end it turned out I could make the Pattern from my drawing!

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The Pattern

  So my primary reason of drawing Hobbes first had been to make sure I had a set in stone picture of what he looked like. But once I started to make the pattern from this drawing it was so easy. I doubt I will ever need to draw something out first before I make a pattern again but this experience would kind of tempt me to.
  I decided the pattern for the entire front of the doll would  be the same as the drawing. I had to make some small size changed for the top of the muzzle so it would stick out a bit, but other than that it is the same. I also thought of sewing the stripes on afterwards but that is a waste of material and it will look alot better sewing the black and orange stripes together. This goes for the head of the doll as well. The eyes, nose, and mouth will all be made out of black thread instead of sewing something else on.

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Hobbes Pattern - HeadFor the head I made the face look like the drawing, as I said before, with the tips of 3 stripes on either side and 2 ontop. The back/side of the head is a somewhat complicated looking shape but it comes together pretty simply. The ears are just two pieces that you end up putting together.




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Hobbes Pattern - TorsoThe torso took a little bit of thought, I had to make it out of paper at first before I realized I left the bottom open. The Pattern I have wastes the least amount of material and reduces the amount of time sewing but if someone were confused or had a sewing machine they might want to sew together a bunch of orange and black stripes and then cut out the front. For the back/side i would def sew together a rectangular shape of stripes before cutting the edges. Otherwise it might be difficult having them line up properly.



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Arms Legs and Tail

Hobbes Pattern - Arms/Legs and TailThese are all really simple and very similar to each other but they'll involve alot of sewing. Especially the tail, here the pieces aren't that long but there is a ton of stripes to it.









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