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How to Grow Prize Winning Tomatoes in Four Easy Steps

Harvesting Tomatoes - Step 4

Harvesting Tomatoes is perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of growing tomatoes. Harvesting means a number of things; eating the fruit, making tomato sauce or both! I like making sauce. Usually I grow a few dozen plants. This will yield maybe 400 to 500 tomatoes. I usually have no choice but to make sauce, as I can't give away that many tomatoes. So on a Saturday morning, I'll get my biggest pot, a little olive oil and some garlic, basil, onions and start cooking the strained tomatoes. This usually lends itself to a very enjoyable day. I recommend the same to you! Enjoy your bumper crop of annual tomatoes! Mangia.

Pot of tomato sauce
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Harvesting Tomatoes

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